Dialogue 11: Simplify your life to ascend to the higher dimensions

Q) You have emphasized to make God the focus of our lives. In our busy lives, how do we focus on God and make Him the center of our lives?
Shiva) In the lower energy-consciousness vibration of the busy-material life, you cannot awaken in the bliss and joy of the higher energy-consciousness vibration. The spiritual journey begins by enquiring about the higher truths of life. When you realize that you are living in an illusion and your final truth lies beyond the physical dimension, then your focus will change. Therefore, sacrifice your comforts and move away from your busy material life; to get something higher, you have to make efforts in the right direction.
Q) You are asking for a very difficult thing to do; we spend most of our time in earning our livelihood and entertainment; where is the time for spirituality in our busy lives?
Shiva) This is exactly the reason why people are lost in the physical dimension. Each one of you has spent many lives in the physical dimension; each life was an opportunity for you to understand the higher truths.
However, you have lived your lives in a manner that did not allow you to understand your higher self. Your actions in the past lives have paved the path for your present life. In other words, you are responsible for your situations. Moreover, the more you live in the physical dimension, the more you bond in the physical world.
If you continue to live like this, you are surely going to miss the opportunity to move to the higher dimensions. Therefore, change the focus of your life.
Q) We are trapped in our material life and do not find a way to come out of this. How long will this continue?
Shiva) I have shared all the relevant information on this Website and have emphasized that the solution lies with you; it is your decision how you carry your life forward.
The universe moves in cycles of rising and falling of the energy-consciousness vibration. If you want to evolve in the natural course of time, it will take many thousands of years of your earth time to reach the peak of your evolution and you will necessarily experience all the tribulations during your physical journey.
However, the individual does not have to wait that long for his peak evolution. There are energy centers in the physical body, known as the Chakras. By proper meditation, you can energize these Chakras to resonate with the higher vibration and accelerate your evolution. The more you energize the Chakras, the faster you evolve.
Besides, along with activating your Chakras, you also need to live a highly disciplined spiritual life to work out your negative karmas. Remember that, unless you redeem your entire negative karma, you be will be invariably pulled down to the physical dimension.
Therefore, you must practice meditation and live an evolved spiritual life on earth to accelerate your evolution to the higher dimensions.
Many yogis and the ascended masters have taught the methods and have explained how to activate the energy systems and live a spiritual life to evolve to the higher dimensions in a short period; make these teaching indispensables in your everyday life.
Q) Yes, we do have many documents where the Masters have described how they have evolved to the higher dimensions. However, in our material life, we do not find time and interest to read the books and live a disciplined spiritual life. In these circumstances, how do we accelerate our evolution?
Shiva) Indeed you have many works of literature, more than ever before, where the methods and practices of the masters have been described. In fact, due to the advancement in technologies, the reach and availability of spiritual knowledge are more than ever before.
However, it is a matter of great concern that most of the earth’s citizens are not using these spiritual treasures. At a time when your world has so many miseries and pain, where you are so desperate to find solutions, you are not using the spiritual treasures in your lives. Therefore, it is of primary importance that all take the maximum benefit of these treasures.
If you want to save the life of the masses, if you want to give them happiness and joy, and if you want them to evolve to the higher dimensions, then there should be greater efforts to disseminate the correct spiritual information to the population.
There can be many community meditation centers and libraries; the scriptures and spiritual literature must be available to the public at a minimum price and maximum comfort.
Q) We are living at a time when mass entertainment is dominating our lives and the youths, in particular, are under the control of the mass media. How do we inculcate spirituality and practice meditation in our media controlled lives?
Shiva) You are controlled by the media because you do not have the right information about the true meaning and purpose of your life. Indeed, you are allowing the lower energy forces to invade your personal life and blocking your divine right to evolve to the higher dimension.
I have already said in my other dialogues that evolution is an individual journey that does not depend on the external stimuli or support. You need to turn inward to activate your energy-centers and practice spirituality with dogged determination to accelerate your evolution to the higher dimension.
I can assure you that if you have the correct knowledge, guidance, and determination, you can indeed move to the higher worlds permanently. However, it requires a lot of practice, sacrifice and determination to remain steadfast on your spiritual path.
Therefore, you must avoid the media and entertainment programs and focus your life on spiritual growth alone. It is a choice between gross entertainment and fleeting joys in the lower dimensions and eternal life of bliss, joy, and love in the highest dimension. You have to take your call!
Q) We have many individuals who want to live a spiritual life and have desires for spiritual growth. However, there is no time or opportunity to find a place and space for spiritual inquiry and practices in their busy lives. What is your advice on this issue?
Shiva) In the whole universe, who is the most important person in your life? In your silence and moment of clarity, you will realize that you are the most important person in your life.
After your physical death, you will move to another dimension where you will be in a position to analyze your life from a different perspective. There you will feel very miserable to realize that your spiritual development is not good enough to live in the higher dimension; it will be very painful for you to realize that you have missed your opportunity to live a much better life.
It is from this perspective you have to understand the futility of your material success on earth and to live a very busy life where you do not find time for your spiritual growth.
Therefore, you should focus on the priorities in life and understand that the busy and successful physical life of eighty years is insignificant in comparison to the joyous and blissful eternal life of the higher dimensions.
Q) Is there any evaluation after we leave our physical life?
Shiva) After your physical death, most of you will get an opportunity for introspection and evaluation of your earthly life. With more clarity and awareness, you will be able to understand the mistakes that you have made and the opportunities that you have lost in your physical life and, therefore, you will voluntarily agree to take physical birth again to rectify your mistakes.
This process of evaluation after you leave your physical body and taking voluntary incarnation in the physical dimension to complete your lesson plans will go on until you redeem all your karma and complete all your lessons in the physical dimensions.
As a soul, you always want to reach your full divine potential; to become one with God. Therefore, after your physical death, you evaluate your life and take voluntary decisions to complete all our lessons so that you can become one with your Higher Self. Of course, this is a very long journey before you can completely merge with your God-self.
Your life on earth is an opportunity to complete your lessons and to evolve to the higher dimensions; do not remain too busy in your material life that you do not get a chance to live in the higher dimensions.
( Dialogue 11)

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