Dialogue 1: I am Undefined, Non-Manifested, Absolute- Nothingness

This a direct communication with Infinite Shiva. As in all the other dialogues, Shiva responds to the core identity of Infinite without resorting to any religious traditions present on Earth.

Q) What is Shiva?

Shiva: I am Undefined, Non-Manifested, Absolute- Nothingness. I am an Energy-Consciousness field which is Infinite.

Q) How do you live and where do you live?

Shiva: I exist as an Energy-Consciousness field in a blissful state of awareness which is beyond all emotions and feelings. I do not live inside anything; everything lives inside me.

All creation; the Cosmos, Universe, all life forms and everything that is there is manifested by the power of infinite Energy-Consciousness field. And all are finally dissolved into this field. That is why you say that “Energy cannot be created but can only be changed into various forms”.

Q) You say that you are Energy-Consciousness field. Can you elaborate more on this because there is a lot of confusion on Earth about God?

Shiva: First of all, understand that there is no confusion about God! If you go deep down into the essence of all religions, you will find that all speak the same truth; only the language is different.

However, the vested interests have misrepresented God to fulfill their personal agendas. In the literature and leadership, these vested interests have used God to rule the mass. Just to remind you in the passing; all religions at the fundamental level talk about love, compassion, humility, simplicity, sacrifice, courage, sharing and caring.

And these basics are good enough to live peacefully on Earth!

Q) But why is it so difficult to comprehend and find God?

Shiva: Let us understand the mechanism of Creation to understand God in a better way. The Basic Building Block of Creation is Energy-Consciousness vibration. Whether it is a planet, universe, life-forms or any feeling/emotion; everything is Energy-Consciousness vibration at different frequencies within the Infinite. And, ‘individuality’ is the property that you will maintain until you dissolve into the Infinite. So, to sustain the Creation, ‘individuality’ is a necessity.

After the shelf-life, everything gets dissolved into the infinite energy-consciousness field and become Infinite. This is the fundamental reality; everything is God and God has become all that is there.

It is the awareness of this fundamental reality that will divide everything into ‘good’ or ‘evil’. Those who are awakened to higher energy-consciousness vibration will seek light and those who are in their lower energy-consciousness vibration will act the devil. Therefore, both divine and evil are the properties of Infinite which will ultimately dissolve into Nothingness.

Q) But the majority of us are ignorant as we can see from the mess that we have created on Earth!

Shiva: Indeed so! The growth and fall of all civilizations are based on the single lever; what is the level of your awareness about “Who am I?”

Q) What is mankind’s relationship with you?

Shiva: You are my creation. I have created you from the deepest level of my love and your future lies in dissolving into me. Because you and I are one!

Q) And, when will that happen?

Shiva: It all depends on you. The day you decide to return home is the beginning of your Higher Journey. Well, it is a long, very long journey!

Q) How long it will take for an individual?

Shiva: The very fact that you are on Earth means that your efforts in all your past lives were good enough to bring you this far. You see, Earth is at the lowest level of vibration. And there are many higher dimensions that you have to scale before you can reach your Eternal Home.

So it all depends on individual efforts.

And, through my dialogues, I will guide you on how to speed up your Higher Journey or in your language; how to speed up your evolution!

( Dialogue 1) 

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