School of Shiva Consciousness


In this unprecedented darkness that has surrounded the planet, you have to pause and introspect about God’s agenda for planet Earth. It is impossible that the Higher Worlds will leave you alone in your darkest hours without warnings and proper guidance.

This is the time for individual spiritual journey to save yourself and your family. It is time that you understand the meaning and purpose of your life and your relationship with God properly.

Life in Shiva Consciousness

All that you are experiencing in your present life is not fulfilling as they are based on fleeting joys and sorrows. But, creation is infinitely grand and beautiful which you cannot even imagine and experience in your present state of lower energy-consciousness vibration on Earth.

Therefore, you must move permanently from your present level of consciousness to Higher Consciousness. This is possible only when you understand and work on your energy-consciousness field.

The teeming billions on Earth are living examples in front of you who chose not to understand their higher dimension in their past lives. But many have silently moved ahead to live permanently in the higher dimension of Shiva Consciousness.

Journey to Shiva Consciousness

The journey is beyond all rituals and dogmas of all religions. It is based on the principles of living with higher spiritual values and practicing proper meditation regularly.

You do not have to leave your present location, job, family or religion to move into Higher Consciousness. Understand the mechanism of the creation and afterlife.

Gradually, your life will realign and things will fall in place so that you can walk on the road-map that you have created for yourself. You just need your determination and courage to walk the talk.


School of Shiva Consciousness  is established to raise Shiva Consciousness  on Earth. The school will provide the guidance and lessons to develop road-map for the realization of your Higher-Self.

Study and practice all the instructions given in the Dialogues, Lessons and Messages to awaken your higher energy-consciousness field so that you can move permanently to the higher dimension and live in eternal joy and bliss of Shiva Consciousness.

Happy Journey!

         URGENT MESSAGE: 2022
This mindless materialistic life of consumption and entertainment has caused human civilization to reach the door of total destruction; destruction of the body, mind and soul……………

This is the true meaning of Anti-Christ. Anti-Christ is not an individual but it is a way of life that leads to the destruction of the human soul.

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                   MESSAGE FOR 2021
There is no time left now for any wake-up calls. For eons you have missed your opportunities to evolve and now you are in the cusp of a great transition. Planet earth is flooded with higher vibration and only those things will survive that are tuned to the divine. The higher energy-consciousness vibration will wither away the ungodly things and in due course of time only the evolved souls and things that are tuned to the divine will survive on earth. 
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You have been attached to this physical world for millions of lives and now, this physical life has become your prison. ( August 14, 2020)  Read more..

Presently, the universe is moving towards the higher energy-consciousness vibration and, therefore, all the galactic and planetary systems are evolving to the higher dimensions. Read more..

Your physical reality is losing connection with the spiritual realities at a pace that is commensurate with the pace of material growth. You are growing more in your material realities rather than in spiritual realities; this is very dangerous. Read more.
You should understand that your main goal in life should be to evolve to the higher dimensions so that you do not fall or remain stuck in your evolution; engaging in a successful career helps you to evolve intellectually and materially but not to the higher dimensions.
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You are a soul and immortal. From the beginning of the creation, you have lived in different dimensions but, as your memory has a limitation, you do not remember anything from your past lives.Read more…


Before you begin your spiritual journey, understand the truth about your real identity:

You are fundamentally a soul, made from the same source, which has become all-that-is-there. Therefore, you and the Creator and everything that is there in the creation are the same. Read More …

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